About Great Lakes Restoration    

Great Lakes Restoration (GLR) is ultimately the result of the wish of its founder and President, Matthias Cinyabuguma, PhD. to aide the country of his birth, Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and all the countries victimized by war and disease in eastern Africa.

Given his current research in international development and his social background, Dr. Cinyabuguma believes that education -- taken in the very broad sense of teaching people, especially the young, how to live in peace and prosperity -- is the best path towards human development and poverty reduction in poor countries around the world. Because of this fundamental belief of Dr. Cinyabuguma, he has formed a team at GLR whose focus is to further the cause of education for all and to empower the young especially (The median age of the population of the DRC is sixteen (16).) in the fight against some of the threats, such as warfare, disease and poverty, to the lives of the people of the Great Lakes region.  This idea, then, of using education to drive development is the essence of human capacity development and of GLR programs. Unlike other organizations, GLR will focus on endogenous development, utilizing internal resources, human and otherwise, in so far as possible, with projects that advance human capacity building with direct bearing on the lives of the people of the region.  Given this orientation, GLR will partner with the University Catholic of Bukavu (UCB), and its Chancellor, Monsignor Xavier Maroy, who is also the Archbishop of Bukavu and with the Conseil Regional des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Developpement du Sud-Kivu (Regional Council of Non-Governmental Development Organizations of South Kivu) (CRONGDSK) in implementing its program.



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