The Goals of Great Lakes Restoration    

The primary task of GLR is to create a safe environment throughout the Great Lakes region where a lasting, sustainable peace can become a reality. The realization of such a goal requires that social, economic and political factors relevant to development in eastern Africa be understood and that the development program be endogenous in so far as possible.  We, at GLR, possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and an absolute zeal for this task as outlined in the operational goals below. 

  • Developing educational programs at all levels with a focus on conflict resolution and reintegration of society in accordance with local custom and culture;

  • Developing healthcare programs with a focus on providing and improving healthcare services for the poor, especially the victims of disease and/or the recent wars;

  • Undertake capital improvements, especially those most likely to enhance “Building The Peace” by providing a safe, healthy environment for the population through facilities for healthcare, clean water and electricity.

  • Providing management and training (“Training the Trainer”) expertise to facilitate the birth and growth of new business enterprises of all types, increase the use of local labor in the implementation of GLR projects and so promote the growth of stable, meaningful employment for the people of the region.

  • Funding scholarships for worthy students, especially  in disciplines like medicine, health care services and teaching, to promote the development of indigenous human capital development resources; 

  • Developing University Catholic of Bukavu(UCB) as a hub or focal point through which the programs of GLR may be administered and enhanced through the cooperative use of  faculty and facilities;

  • Obtaining funding for the programs of GLR from donors throughout the world.
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