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It is with great pleasure that the GREAT LAKES RESTORATION announces the visit of Msgr. Francois-Xavier Maroy Rusengo, the Archbishop of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the United States

September 25 through October 9, 2008.

Archbishop Maroy is coming to the United States on a mission to raise awareness concerning the plight of the Great Lakes region and especially the eastern provinces of the DRC.  His message is one of warning as to the imminent danger of a renewed outbreak of open warfare; to inform as to the health needs of the people of the region to combat the problems resulting from previous and current conflict, especially HIV/AIDS and for the victims of rape which has and remains a weapon of war in the area; and, to request support for education and training so the people of the region can rebuild their lives and countries, but in a manner consistent with their customs and cultures.

The Archbishop will be meeting with members of Congress and other government representatives, members of the media, representatives of public and private corporations, foundations and charities, the people of the Congolese Diaspora and other concerned individuals.  He brings to these discussions a Congolese perspective and the moral voice of one who has lived through and personally experienced the violence and destruction visited on the area in recent years.


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Archbishop Maroy meeting with Dr. Nancy Glass of GLR in Bukavu in July, 2008.

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