President's Annual Message - 2010    

As Great Lakes Restoration looks to the future for 2010 a vista of opportunities is apparent. Because our resources remain limited and because the needs of those we serve are so great, the first concern is to select those projects and proposals on which to build from the beginning that we have made in 2009. In doing so, especially as to ongoing projects like Pigs For Peace, we have become accustomed as a matter of policy to giving great weight to the input that we receive from our partners on the ground in Africa. Without foreclosing the possibility of pursuing any other prospect to promote our Goals that may present itself during 2010, GLR will concentrate on the following as priorities during the coming year:

  • Drive ongoing projects, especially Pigs For Peace, to completion.
  • Begin a new initiative designed to fund and support education at every level, but particularly for children like those pictured on this page; the orphans and otherwise vulnerable victims of war (OVC).
  • Growing our donor, partner and membership base to include not only funding partners, but also donors of expertise, goods, such as computer and medical equipment and supplies, and services, particularly shipping; and, to permit expansion of our operating capacity on the ground in Africa.
  • Seek an award from USAID so as to continue and expand our efforts to assist the victims of rape as a weapon of war.

As we go through the year look for information as to these new efforts and progress reports as to those that are ongoing on our Projects pages and in the News & Press section.

I would like to close with a word of thanks to everyone involved with GLR, past and present; our volunteer staff, our partners and Affiliates, and the hundreds of donors who have and are helping GLR Build The Peace.

Matthias M. Cinyabuguma, Ph.D., President

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