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Introducing the RESTORATION NEWS

As our organization and our efforts build, Great Lakes Restoration recognizes the need for a forum to record our progress, plans and, most importantly, to inform our partners, affiliates and, especially, our supporters. For now publication will be on an ad hoc basis, so be sure to save and check this page to keep up.


Great Lakes Restoration Seeks Partners

Since the end of 2006 it has been the policy of the United States and its international partners to increase aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This policy has been pursued in collaboration with the government of the DRC through a joint intervention program designed to create a convergence of efforts in various existing and future development initiatives. Three factors were elaborated as the basis of this program. They are:

  • Democratizing and stabilizing the political environment;
  • Pursuing a strategy of reform of the DRC and its institutions; and
  • Adopting and adapting to international development agendas and standards

These factors, which complement the rationale upon which GLR functions, are the basis of its continuing quest for new partners. Our approach to building a sustainable peace in the DRC emphasizes the need to utilize existing local NGO’s and organizations familiar with the local culture and conditions. We do not waste money on administrative staff and costs such as a permanent American presence, expensive vehicles and travel; rather we fund the necessary direct support costs of our projects. Most importantly, when we speak of infrastructure, we are not speaking about roads and bridges and dams. Infrastructure to GLR means people. Building the Peace, our motto, means giving individuals the tools to hope in the future. It means giving an existing NGO or organization needed resources. Therefore, we think the place to start in this process of saving lives begins with a pig, or a hoe, or some seed so that the people of the region can escape the cycle of violence and poverty in which they have been entrapped for years.

If you or your organization would like to join GLR in this effort, please Contact Us or make a Donation.

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