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How about giving a PIG for Christmas?

Pigs for Peace (PFP) is a sustainable development project of Great Lakes Restoration in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We are working with our Congolese partners to provide pigs to families rebuilding their lives following 14 years of war and trauma. Our project is simple and effective. A village agrees to join PFP and a female pig is provided to each participating family living in the village. PFP also provides adult male pigs to the village to start the project. Each participating family agrees to give one piglet back to PFP project from the first two litters (typically 6-12 piglets) from the family pig. The piglets returned to PFP are then given to other families and/or villages subject to the same agreement. This allows PFP to grow rapidly and serve families in need of resources to sustain and rebuild their lives.

Why Pigs? PFP comes from the vision of Mitima Remy, a leader in microfinance, education and development in eastern DRC. Pigs do not need a large amount of space to live and forage. They eat everything and are commonly raised in Congolese villages, so it is not a new approach. Importantly, in eastern DRC, women traditionally cannot make the decision to sell or kill a cow or goat for food or money but they can make those decisionswith the family pig. Where issues of survival decisions about the health and well-being of the family are concerned, women will act to promote those interests. Women will have access to and be empowered by PFP.

The money families earn from raising and selling their pigs can be used to pay school fees, pay for medical care and medication, and invest in other small businesses that will grow the resources and future of the family and larger community.

What is the cost? A whole PFP piglet can be purchased for only $50.00 (or a portion for only $10.00). This includes veterinary services for care of pigs and education of families on maintaining the health of their pigs, and other PFP administrative costs.

You and your family, friends and co-workers, as individuals or jointly, can make a meaningful, lasting gift that helped feed and sustain a Congolese family in recovery from the hardships they have endured. The gift of a PFP piglet is one important step towards sustainable development and lasting peace in eastern DRC.

If you would like to purchase a piglet for the PFP project please make you check out to GLR and send it to:

30 Ashby Street, Suite 109
Warrenton, VA 20186

You may also give online at:

Thank you for your generosity and have a very Happy Holiday Season!

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