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Bukavu Action Team is the name of Great Lakes Restoration's student partner organization at Johns Hopkins University. There are four chapters of BAT at the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Homewood undergraduate campus. Each is working on a project or projects in support of our efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).



School of Medicine – Medical Bags for Doctors & Nurses 
The black medical bag which carries the basic instruments and supplies of the practitioner is an enduring symbol of the medical professions.  Yet many doctors and nurses in the DRC are compromised in their practice because they lack such basic tools as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter or thermometer, among others.

Help give a doctor in the DRC a complete medical bag.

Bloomberg School of Public Health –
                                       Flamme de l'amour (Flame of Love) Orphanage

Sister Alvera has opened her home in Goma, DRC, to about 50 children who are the products and victims of rape.  These children have been rejected by their families as "cursed" and turned out on the streets.  Sister Alvera welcomes these children and, where possible, works to reintegrate them into their families.  While the children are with her she provides schooling, health care, shelter, food and other necessities.

Help us help Sister Alvera help these innocents.

School of Nursing – Pigs for Peace
In a little less than a year Pigs for Peace has supplied over a hundred women, most of them rape survivors, and their families with pigs to set them on the path to recovery through psychological, social and economic empowerment.  The success of these women has led to a waiting list of more than 700.  A donation of $50 buys a piglet to begin the recovery process.

Help one of the 700 with a donation for a piglet.

Homewood – Congolese Diaspora
There are thousands of Congolese refugees in the United States; often struggling with language and other cultural barriers. Volunteers from the undergraduate campus are gathering warm clothing and teaching basic English to some of these recent arrivals at a church in East Baltimore. The Homewood Chapter is also coecting donations for Pigs for Peace.

Help another of the 700 on the waiting list; that's a lot of piglets!