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HIV Infected Children and Orphans of War (OVC) (1)

This project is designed to fulfill the medical, educational and social needs of children orphaned, and in some cases infected, by HIV/AIDS due to death or disability of one or both parents or guardians.  The project targets six hundred (600) OVCs of school age (6 to 18 years), of whom fifty percent (50%) are female, from the urban-rural zone of Kasha in the city of Bukavu, South-Kivu Province in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Special attention will be given to vulnerable females, including victims of economic and sexual exploitation, and rape.

The main thrust of the project is to provide the necessary health care, especially HIV treatment, for free, until such time as the children reach the age of emancipation, 18, within the five (5) year life of the project. As the children grow into adulthood, and the situation in the DRC continues to improve, the numbers of children needing assistance will decrease and public funding will become available as the infrastructure of the national and provincial governments become more robust.

Project Goals:

  1. Bringing the children into the program and tracking their various circumstances (living and housing arrangements, health care and educational situation).
  2. Providing free access to basic social services such as health care and universal education (2) to the targeted OVCs.
  3. Creating a safe environment for the targeted OVCs against all forms of physical and psychological violence within the community, especially violence based on the victim OVC’s infection by HIV/AIDS.
  4. Granting support to the families of OVCs where applicable, for the purpose of accomplishing a sustainable social and economic reintegration of the OVC in society.
  5. Ensuring that those who are identified as “at risk” are receiving all assistance to prevent uncontrolled spread of HIV/AIDS.
  6. Possibly act as a pilot program for a larger province wide project (see “Orphans of War”).

The activities of this project will reinforce the abilities of these young people to actively participate, through the promotion of their rights to education, health care, social protection, and the prevention of violence, in the development of the DRC in a safe and sustainable environment of peace (3).

(1) OVCs stands for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
(2) The concept of education is extended to include primary and secondary school, vocational training, literacy testing and school level passing tests (similar to GED testing in the USA).
(3) Cooperation with other entities for example, the University Catholic of Bukavu, SOS Grand Lacks, local NGOs and churches of every denomination; and influential individuals, such as the Archbishop of Bukavu, Monsignor Xavier Maroy, is  necessary to give sustainability to the program.