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Hospital Rehabilitation at the Provincial Hospital of General Reference
and University Catholic of Bukavu Medical School

This project is the Rehabilitation of the Provincial Hospital of General Reference (PHGR), and the Medical School at the Universite Catholic of Bukavu (UCB), South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It is a joint effort with the Center for Clinical Global Health Education (CCGHE) at Johns Hopkins University. The goal in this area is to assist the Congolese people of South Kivu and the surrounding localities to access to state of the art medical and health services. This requires that the medical personnel (professors and students) receive the best equipment and the best training. After more than fifteen (15) years of bloody conflicts both human capital and facilities are seriously deficient in many areas.

GLR is working to assist the PHGP and the School of Medicine at UCB to build a friendly base of public, private, and non-governmental entities who will work with the leaders of UCB to rehabilitate both the School of Medicine and the PHGR.

Project Goals:

  1. Upgrade this institution to enable them to provide quality medical care for the Great Lakes region.
  2. Develop the Medical School at UCB as a center for programs on Health Education and HIV/AIDS care and prevention.
  3. Build and support an IT network and connections for all twelve (12) area hospitals managed by through PHGR and the
    UCB School of Medicine.
  4. Establish a multi-media education facility including a tropical medicine laboratory facility.
  5. Build a multi-media surgery/operating and observation room for projection of procedures from UCB.
  6. Develop operating theaters from remote locations.

Hospital Rehabilitation Funding:
Through the combined efforts of GLR, and CCGHE, develop funding relationships using Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).