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Save The Orphans of War

This project  is for the care of the orphans of war in the DRC, South-Kivu Province.
South-Kivu Province and Bukavu its capital, in the aftermath of nearly a decade of civil war, are hopefully beginning to emerge from a period of complete chaos.  The most abject victims of the war and poverty are the orphans—of parents who died in the wars; of ethnic or political cleansing associated with the wars; due to forcible recruitment into some armed group; or who died of disease, particularly HIV/AIDS.  Finally, there are some who were simply abandoned by their parents.  It is these children, the orphans that are the focus of this project.

Our investigations on the lifestyle, activities, experience and background of orphans in the province of South-Kivu, identified approximately 10,000 orphans of war (58% male/42% female) in Bukavu and the surrounding areas (Bagira, Mbobero, Kabare, Nyangezi, Walungu, Katana, Kalehe, Birava). Most (80%) of these children are between five (5) and fourteen (14) years old.  Most of them are not in school, and, therefore, illiterate. The living conditions of these children are, at best very poor and generally worsen as one gets farther from the city of Bukavu; characterized by the lack of proper shelter, no parental or adult supervision, and constant lack of food and clean water. They are continuously surrounded by and subject to physical dangers such as assault, torture and sexual violence. To survive, many of these children have been recruited, some involuntarily, to become soldiers, sexual slaves, or thieves and subjected to the ravages of starvation and disease (esp. HIV/AIDS infection);  and endless psychological trauma. They have absolutely no opportunities whatsoever to improve their situation. There are neither provincial nor national initiatives to assisting them.

Project Goals

  • Provide orphaned children with health services suitable to their circumstances.
  • Provide educational setting suitable to their age and/or vocational training appropriate to their individual abilities and talents before emancipation.
  • Conduct activities appropriate to orphaned children with socio-professional and psychological support.
  • Provide a safe environment, including adequate shelter with nutritious food, clean water and sanitary conditions, and legal, social and economic protection.
  • Sensitize communities on the need to rehabilitate orphaned children into society.
  • Protect orphaned children against any form of violence (sexual, physical, moral or psychological).