The Great Lakes Restoration Team    

Robert C. Bollinger, M.D., M.P.H.

Chairman of The Board of Directors

Haverford College, B.A. – Chemistry & Philosophy
Dartmouth College, M.D. – Medicine
University of Maryland at Baltimore, Internship & Residency – Internal Medicine
Johns Hopkins University, M.P.H. – International Health & Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Infectious Diseases

Dr. Bollinger is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. He is a Professor of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, with a joint appointment in the Department of International Health of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has more than 28 years of experience in international public health, clinical research and education in a broad range of global health priorities including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy and emerging infections. His initial experience in public health in India was in 1979 and included field work with a leprosy control project in rural Bihar. Over the past 15 years, he has initiated and conducted a large collaborative Indo-US HIV research program in Pune, with the National AIDS Research Institute/ICMR and the BJ Medical College. His ongoing public health research includes additional collaborative projects in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Dr. Bollinger is also the Country Director for the Hopkins Fogarty International Programs in India, which has provided short-term and degree public health training to more than 200 visiting scientists at Hopkins, as well as in-country training for many more scientists, since 1992.

Dr. Bollinger is an active clinician/educator, who provides and supervises HIV and infectious diseases clinical care, in the outpatient and in-patient settings at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In addition to his teaching, research and clinical responsibilities, Dr. Bollinger has contributed to many public health training programs, expert committees and consultations in the US, Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, India, Japan, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand and Uganda. He is a member of the US Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS (PACHA), where he also serves on the PACHA International Sub-committee. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases from the American Board of Internal Medicine, having received internal medicine training at the University of Maryland Medical Systems and a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Infectious Diseases from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Bollinger has been on the faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Public Health since 1992.

NOTE: Participation by Dr. Bollinger does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Johns Hopkins University or the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

Matthias M. Cinyabuguma, Ph.D.

University of Kinshasa, License. – Mathematical Economics
Catholic University of Louvain, M.A. – Quantitative Economics
Brown University, M.A. – Economics
Brown University, Ph.D. – Economics

Dr. Cinyabuguma is the founder and genesis of the Great Lakes Restoration (GLR). He was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and grew up in the Bukavu area in South-Kivu Province. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) where he teaches Macroeconomics and Mathematical Economics. Since 2007 Dr. Cinyabuguma has been the designated representative of the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB) in America and in 2008 he was elected to the Board of Trustees. Before coming to UMBC, he was a Lecturer in Economics and Statistics at UCB for three years. Dr. Cinyabuguma has consulted with the IMF; the World Bank; the Center for Experimental Economics at Brown University; the Central Bank of the DRC; Gecamines Commerciale (DRC); and, various NGOs in the DRC and others international in scope. He chairs the board of directors of an NGO, International Agency for Refugee Movement (IRAM) that is working to improve the lives of refugees around the world. Dr. Cinyabuguma is also the legal representative of UCB in the United States. Among his many publications is “Sources of Growth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Co-integration Approach”, jointly with Akitoby Bernardin, in Post Conflict Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2004, ed. Jean A.P. Clement, International Monetary Fund. His current research is concerned with analyzing the impact of institutions and corruption on economic development using theoretical and empirical models; studying fertility and economic growth; and understanding behavioral economics using lab experiments.

Nancy E. Glass, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
Advisory Board Member

Furman University, B.S.
Johns Hopkins University, B.S. – Nursing; M.S. – Nursing; & M.P.H.
University of Maryland, Ph.D.

Nancy Glass is a nurse clinician and researcher. Shortly after returning to the School of Nursing as an Associate Professor in 2006, she was tapped to serve as an Associate Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, a Center established in 2006 that bridges the international work of the university’s schools of nursing, medicine and public health. Her research and practice expertise in public health, health disparities and intimate partner violence are well matched with the Center’s focus on global health threats, particularly in developing countries. Glass also educates nursing students, and engages in both clinical care and intervention research in the areas of violence prevention and health disparities.  With Federal funding from the NIH and the CDC, she is conducting four major studies on sexual harassment, sexual violence and intimate partner violence.  Additionally, she is working with colleagues in South Africa to implement the national strategic goal of nurse initiated and managed antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. Glass is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, serving as a public health volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (formerly Zaire) from 1990-1991. Glass is past-president of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International. She also was selected as a 2007 “ambassador” for ResearchAmerica’s Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research. In that role, Glass serves as a scientist-advocate on behalf of global health research, educating policymakers, thought leaders, the media and the public about the importance of global health research. Glass has recently returned from a month long visit to Bukavu and throughout South-Kivu in the DRC.


Jacquelyn Campbell, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Advisory Board Member

Duke University, B.S.N. – Nursing
Wright State University, B.S.N. – Nursing
University of Rochester, Ph.D. – Nursing

Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell is a national leader in research and advocacy in the field of domestic and intimate partner violence (IPV).  The primary goal of her work has been to ensure that women get the help that they need to improve their safety, health, and well-being.  Her studies paved the way for a growing body of interdisciplinary investigations by researchers in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, and public health.  Her expertise is frequently sought by national and international policy makers in exploring IPV and its potential heath effects on families and communities.  As a nurse educator and mentor, Dr. Campbell leads by example in inspiring new generations of nurse researchers as a Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing where she holds the Anna D Wolf Chair.  Elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2000, Dr. Campbell also was the Institute of Medicine/American Academy of Nursing/American Nurses' Foundation Senior Scholar in Residence.  She was named the Pathfinder Distinguished Researcher by the Friends of the National Institute of Health National Institute for Nursing Research and received the American Society of Criminology Vollmer award.  She serves on the boards of the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the House of Ruth Battered Women's Shelter, and was a member of the congressionally-appointed U.S. Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence.  Dr. Campbell is a widely published author with more than 150 articles and seven books and holds a joint appointment in the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Joseph T. Mbangu, LL.M
Vice President of Strategic Planning

Catholic University of Bukavu &
University of Lubumbashi, License – Law.
University of Arizona Law School, LL.M. – International Trade Law

Joseph Mbangu was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where he studied law at the Catholic University of Bukavu and the University of Lubumbashi. Mr Mbangu earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Trade Law from the University of Arizona Law School where he wrote his thesis on the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and its effects on textiles issuing from sub-Saharan Africa. Since moving to New York in 2007, he has been consulting and of counsel with various law firms, NGOs and international organizations. He has spoken in many venues across America on the conflict and post-conflict situation in the Great Lakes region of Africa, participating in many forums on issues related to the ongoing crisis in the DRC with a focus on the field of human rights law, especially as it pertains to the Great Lakes region addressing topics concerning gender based violence, the use of child soldiers and the linkages between the illegal exploitation of minerals in the DRC and funding to fuel conflict in the region. He conducted a very successful awareness campaign about sexual violence with documentary film director Lisa F. Jackson promoting her film The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo. Mr Mbangu constantly advocates and gives a voice for sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa through development and economic empowerment.

Georges M. Mushayuma
Vice President of Operations

University of Lubumbashi, License – Political Science and Administration; Research Associate at the Centre de Recherche pour la Promotion Rurale (Research Center for Rural Promotion or CERPRU)

Mr. Mushayuma is a native of the DRC and has extensive experience working with private firms and in public administration in both the DRC and the United States. Before coming to the United States, he was a Lecturer at the High Institute of Rural Development (ISDR) in Bukavu where he taught for three years. More recently, he was the mayor of the rural city of Kalehe in South-Kivu Province where he worked closely with the former President of the DRC, Laurent Désiré Kabila and the former governor of the province, Professor Charles Magabe, on issues related to conflict resolution and peace building in the Great Lakes region of eastern Africa. During his term as Mayor, Mr. Mushayuma developed and improved the dialogue between different tribes and represented the Province of South-Kivu at the national forum for post-conflict restoration. Mr. Mushayuma is a co-founder of Association des Professionnelles de la Communication pour le Développement (ACPD), a not-for-profit organization in the DRC whose purpose is to raise public awareness on social issues relevant to development. He has consulted with private firms in the United States on international issues related to business development and humanitarian initiatives in the DRC. Currently, Mr. Mushayuma is a Supervisor Qualified at an international security and logistics company and as Director of Finance for IARM. Mr. Mushayuma has also worked as a youth counselor for the State of Maryland.

John T. Andrews

Vice President of Finance

University of Dayton, B. A. - Psychology
Xavier University, Masters Program in Human Resources
Northlake College, Computer Science

Mr. Andrews has over thirty years experience in human resources, as well as career services. He became a Senior Career Advisor for Career Management Associates in 1999 where he has been recognized nationally as one of the top Career Advisors within the Career Management Associates family. He has worked in major corporations throughout his career, starting as an Employment Manager and progressing to Vice President of Human Resources. His expertise in human resources includes Career Consultation; Career Management; Coaching-Leadership & Career Development. In 2006 he co-founded the humanitarian company, Monadic Myriad International (MMI) designed to manage non-profit projects.  In addition he joined GLR in his present capacity as the Vice President of Finance.  He has traveled to and  is Involved  in humanitarian projects  assisting  the people of the Great Lakes region of eastern Africa.


Mark S. Gregory
, J.D.
Secretary & General Counsel

LaSalle University, B.A. – History.
College of William & Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law, J.D.

Mr. Gregory has utilized his legal education to build a diverse portfolio of experience. He began practicing law as a member of the United States Army Judge Advocate Generals Corps.  He then maintained a private litigation oriented practice for a number of years.  Most recently he has been engaged in the corporate context in the management of human resources in a wide variety of tasks such as recruitment, training and placement.  The focus of Mr. Gregory’s activities has been the development of human capacities to drive corporate growth and productivity.  Mr. Gregory has traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specifically the area surrounding Bukavu in South Kivu Province and the Walikale District in North Kivu Province, gaining useful insights for the preparation and development of humanitarian projects in the country.  As Secretary and General Counsel he is also responsible for the administrative and legal affairs of GLR.



Ginny Carter

Student Coordinator and Research Assistant

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
B.A. - International Studies and Biology

Ginny Carter graduated from the University of North Carolina with a dual degree in International Studies and Biology with a concentration in global health. Her interest in global health motivated and matured during her travel with Dr. Glass of GLR to the eastern DRC to do research on reintegrating women back into their families, post rape. They examined the social, economic, cultural and political factors that surround this process in hopes of creating better programs to aid in the reintegration of women. She continues to serve GLR as Dr. Glass’ research assistant at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. She also coordinates student groups on campuses which are fundraising for projects and raising awareness throughout the campus communities about the conditions in the DRC.



Mike Benedi Sudi Am mba
Fundraiser/International Consultant

Mike Benedi Sudi Am mba was born in Bukavu DRC in 1983,he holds a British nationality and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds UK where, since 2003, he has been an active volunteer of different organizations, YARCO,LASSCO,UNLTD working on youth projects, refugee support and fundraising. He is a peacekeeper, human rights activist and the author, and co-author of several books. His most recent book is: "How to Build a Lasting Peace in the DRC” which is very powerful, especially in outlining the goals of Monadic Myriad International (MMI) and Great Lakes Restoration – Building The Peace (GLR) where he is a valuable asset. His main research interests are the Great Lakes – Eastern Africa (Congo, Rwanda, Burundi). In these countries he is interested in a number of separate, but interlocking themes. These are: ethnic conflict, conflict resolution, refugee issues, indigenous people’s right and political participation, and HIV/AIDS prevention. He is the son of Honorable Amissi Mbaluku Benedi.



Christine Andrews
Website Designer

BA Communications, Virginia Tech
MA Graphic Design, Savannah College of Art & Design

Christine Andrews is the founder and President of Hungry4Web design services. She has served as Creative Director at The PGA of America, Creative Director at Cannon Advertising and Graphic Manager at GL Homes. With over 14 years experience in graphic design she is well versed in anything from websites, to business cards, ads, logos, signage and more. She has been instrumental in designing GLR’s website and meeting their online needs. To get a taste of her portfolio and more use the link below:

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